Mini Panettones Waniyanpi

Mini Panettones Waniyanpi for our furry friends! Limited Christmas edition with 3 flavors available: Fruit, chicken liver and fish.

19,50 € tax incl.

In all our products we include:
Six medicinal plants that improve their health and inmune system:

Vegetables and olive oil that provide vitamins, dietary fibre, and antiox.:
Our Mini Panettones are made with the original Italian recipe, but with some modifications to adapt them to our pets. Without sugars, salts, additives or artificial preservatives.

Recommendation: Ours panettones is made only with natural ingredients, so it must be stored in a refrigerated place and consumed within the indicated period.
Hierbas botánicas : Alfalfa, ortigas, raíz de diente de león, raíz de bardana, raíz de achicoria, vara de oro.
Componentes nutricionales : Valor nutricional por 100g: 14,3g Proteína, 50,7g Hidratos de carbono, 6,1g Grasas y aceites crudos, 5,9g Fibra. Nutrientes: 1,5% Omega-6 y Omega-3, 93,4mg Calcio, 235,8mg Fósforo y 1,6mg Sodio. Calorías: 87 kcal / 100 g

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