Biscuits for your pet’s cardiovascular system

Biscuits to improve the lives of dogs with mild to moderate heart problems.

6,99 € tax incl.

In all our products we include:
Six medicinal plants that improve their health and inmune system:

Vegetables and olive oil that provide vitamins, dietary fibre, and antiox.:

In addition to being a hypoallergenic recipe, cardiovascular biscuits carry spinach, indicated for mild to moderate heart and vascular problems.

Our special biscuits are low in fat, have salmon oil rich in Omega 3 and 6, fruit, to give an extra fiber, and seaweed hawthorn indicated in heart disease and vascular problems.

Our unique and healthy food does not contain leftovers or artificial additives, only 100% natural
ingredients of the highest quality, so they are perfect for sensitive stomachs as well.

Our biscuits are suitable for all ages.

Made in Spain and delivered in 100% recyclable bags and boxes 

Ingredientes : Harina de garbanzos, pera, manzana, aceite de oliva virgen extra, aceite de salmón salvaje, zanahoria, guisantes, espino albar y un poco de cúrcuma.
Hierbas botánicas : alfalfa, ortigas, raíz de diente de león, raíz de bardana, raíz de achicoria, vara de oro.
Componentes nutricionales : Proteína Cruda 19%, Grasas y aceites crudos 6%, Fibras brutas 11%, Ceniza 8%, Omega 6 1,6%, Omega 3 1,4%, Calcio 1,2%, Fósforo 1%, Calorías 70 kCal / 100 g

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