Frequently Asked Questions

How does the biscuit builder work?

Build your own biscuits. It is really easy
  • 1. Choose the base ingredient. This can be:
    • a) Cornmeal and whole wheat flour blends
    • b) Chickpea and corn flour mix (gluten free)
  • 2. Choose the flavor:
    • a) Meat (chicken)
    • b) Fish (sardine and tuna)
    • c) Fruit (apple and pear)
  • 3. Choose two functional ingredients:
  • 4. You also have the option of choosing two 2 extra functional ingredients.
  • 5. Choose the size
    • a) Mini: 400gr (for dogs between 0 to 5kg)
    • b) Medium: 700gr (for dogs between 6 to 15kg)
    • c) Maxi: 900gr (for dogs between 15 to 40kg).

Why are our biscuits not soft?

Given we do not use preservatives or additives, our “goodies” are manufactured with a low percentage of humidity to ensure they do not develop mold.

In addition, 86% of young dogs suffer from gingivitis due to the accumulation of tartar - the main cause of which is associated with excessive consumption of soft foods. Over the years, their gums become weak and they are not able to chew hard products, causing them pain or even to lose their teeth. It is therefore also a good idea to occasionally give your dog a raw bone that’s suitable for consumption and will aid their dental health.


Our biscuits do not need to be refrigerated. They can be kept in a dry and cool place and have an expiration of 3 to 6 months depending on the type of biscuit:

  • - Chickpea and cornmeal biscuits: 3 months
  • - Wheat and cornmeal biscuits: 6 months.
  • - Wanipizzas and other specialties: 6 months.
  • - Cakes: 1 week in the fridge.

What benefits do our functional biscuits have?

Our snacks are composed of 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives, flavorings, aromatizing agents, salts or sugars. Our biscuits are not just a tasty, organic biscuit for your pet, they can also provide benefits for specific ailments, their health in general and their life expectancy.

As well as the various functional ingredients you can choose in our biscuit builder, our base recipe includes 6 key plants that will boost your pet’s daily health, as well as vegetables and extra virgin olive oil from the best mills in Jaén. In a nutshell - we bake healthy supplements to help your dog maintain a long, healthy and balanced life.

In a nutshell - we bake healthy supplements to help your dog maintain a long, healthy and balanced life.

How many biscuits is it advisable to consume?

We include a mini-guide in each WaniBox explaining the recommended amount of biscuits to perceive results depending on the weight of your dog and the ingredients you’ve selected. Even so, the normal dose is one to three treats per day.

What happens if my dog eats more than the advised amount of biscuits - or even steals and binge eat the whole lot?

Nothing bad will happen, except for some light “binge eating” diarrhea. Depending on the ingredients, your dog may be thirsty or feel restless or sleepy, but there is nothing to worry about.

Just try not to give them any more biscuits for a couple of days afterwards.

How long does a customised WaniBox of biscuits last?

All packs are designed to last a month of continued consumption as long as you follow our guidelines for daily consumption amounts (and you can resist the temptation to give into your dog’s pleading eyes)!

We have three pack sizes (depending on the size of your pet) so you can choose the best one for him.

What if my dog doesn't like the biscuits that I built?

As long as over 80% of the biscuits have not yet been eaten (depending on the weight of the WaniBox) you can return your WaniBox (with return postage costs at the expense of the buyer).

Waniyanpi will donate your returned biscuits to one of the animal protection charities we work with and you will receive a code to make a new purchase with a similar value to the product you ordered.