Why choose Waniyanpi?

In recent years, the world of pets has been affected by an unstoppable increase in allergies andintolerances to foods as basic as chicken or, specifically chicken proteins. If something that should be fundamental to the diet of any carnivore is now causing issues, clearly this is a signal that something has gone wrong in our pets’ diets.

The low quality of the products and especially by-products that are used to make pet food, along with the innumerable artificial additives used to conserve, flavor and aromatize these foods and make them more appealing to animals, reduce our pets to mere consumers of chemical chemicals that do not benefit your health or life expectancy.

WANIYANPI, which means ‘domesticated animal’ in the native North American language, began its journey in 2016 in response to the growing crisis of pet food intolerances. Roma, the rescue dog of the founder of Waniyanpi, was the inspiration to make snacks suitable for her needs when she was diagnosed with cauda equina, a rare degenerative osteoarthritis that entails a lot of medication in times of acute attacks. With the help of her special personalized biscuits, Roma has now gone from six acute attacks a year to barely one.

WANIYANPI was born to develop “real and natural food” for pets. Our snacks are both healthy and  functional, that is to say, they have a function - namely to improve the quality of life of your pet thanks to the special ingredients that we use to make all our products.

No one knows your pet's needs better than you, so through our biscuit builder you can choose and customize the ideal snack according to the specific needs of your animal at each stage of their life.

For the first time, what you buy is what you get, with no surprises on the label! We believe in the ‘real food’ philosophy for your dog - an approach that goes beyond food labels and cares about their whole physical well-being.

Waniyanpi is the first online 100% natural pet food bakery in Spain. We have a Food Hygiene and Preparation Certificate to trade in the EEC.